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– IBM Content Marketing Manager

The TEI Study from Forrester allowed us to optimize our marketing effort by helping to better understand our customer install base and market. We were able to gain better insight into the benefit of our product and what it could bring to a customer. The study also contributed to $279.6M in validated lead pipeline for…

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– IBM Market Segment Manager

This would take some time to develop and I honestly don’t have the bandwidth for that. I doubt we would have done this kind of study ourselves because the study has much more credibility when the methodology and analysis is conducted by an independent 3rd party and not by IBM.

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– Partner, Global Business Services, Digital Strategy

We’re in a major transition period here. There is a lot of uncertainty and many IBMers are being pushed out of their comfort zones to think digital-first and consumer-focused… like a startup. Forrester is helping me understand new market trends and emerging technology, which makes me more valuable to our clients and essential to IBM.

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